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Welcome to Canine Cancer Supplements.  To help make caring for your dog a little easier, we’ve created “Essential” Dog Cancer Supplement Packages to boost your dog’s immune system and give him the best possible chance to heal…

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Dog Cancer Chemotherapy Support

(best for dogs who are currently receiving chemotherapy for their dog cancer care)

Dog Cancer Holistic Essentials

(best for dogs who are fighting most types of dog cancers with holistic care)

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Holistic Supplement Essentials

Canine Lymphoma Supplement Essentials

(best for  dogs who are fighting Canine Lymphoma with holistic care)

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Canine Lymphoma Essentials

Please Note:  These “Essentials” supplement packages are not meant to substitute
for direct cancer diagnosis and consultation with a qualified holistic veterinarian.
While these “basics” should work well with virtually any dog cancer treatment plan
we strongly urge you to work with a holistic vet to create the ideal treatment
plan for your individual dog…

And if you ever need to contact us for any reason, just send us
an email message at:
or call us toll free at:   (866) 543-7895
and we’ll do our best to help.

– Ted Schneck
Canine Cancer Supplements

Canine Cancer Supplements Essentials Package